There’s a First for Everything

My famous first words. I thought, as your gracious host, it would be appropriate to introduce myself and my family. I am Christie and my partners in crime are Tylor and Lila. That makes us TLC. Not planned (I promise) but it’s the way we sign our greeting cards all the same.

You and me and Lila makes three

You and me and Lila makes three

We live a pretty cool existence in our little bungalow, in a small town with our friends and family close at hand and our wee pooch Tinker by our side. As most of the readers of this page and the countless posts that follow will either fall into the family or friends category, I doubt there is much further need for introduction, however, here are a few things that dot our tiny family’s history:

  • Tylor and I met in kindergarden, became each other’s first significant other in Grade 5, separated tragically after a kiss in the playground and then reunited seven years later at a local coffee shop. That was 14 years ago and we still mostly dig each other. We got married in 2007 and welcomed Lila into our lives in 2011.
  • Lila. Where. To. Start. She is a bundle of sass and intelligent conversation. She is stunningly pretty, but equally as kind. She demands the use of manners, proper vocabulary and she thinks farts are funny (thanks, Ty). She schools me daily on the wonders of this life, she asks questions when she doesn’t understand and absorbs absolutely every detail that is handed to her. As a reader, you’ll get to know her pretty well. I sorta love talking about her.
  • As far as hobbies, Tylor is an avid gym-aholic; he lost 85 pounds in the last two years and has even accomplished getting his wife to enjoy working out…for reals. I love canning, cooking and simple crafting. Lila enjoys painting, watching movies and general toddler mayhem.

I am excited to share a little bit of our lives with the world. The greatest gift I have received from motherhood is the ability to find the extraordinary in the ordinary. I hope I can impart some of that onto you. It is a beautiful way to see the world.

I haven’t decided which post is coming next: my conversation with Lila about why I shouldn’t drink wine from a box, my abysmal attempts at crocheting, or why you shouldn’t cringe at the thought of eating pickled eggs.