Christmas with Candy Canes and Santa

Please take a moment to enjoy the vocal stylings of my wee singer-songwriter. I feel like she could hone these skills and win an epic rap battle somewhere down the road…if that rap battle focused solely on how to not get “boring” of your new toys on Christmas.

She’s a baby genius. Amiright? Made it all up on the spot. I’m probably biased, but she’s the cutest thing that ever lived…I’ll get some actual stats on that and follow up with you. As a side note, I have no idea whose messy house she was in during the filming of this video, but I digress.

So CHRISTMAS!! It’s happening in 13 days. Well, technically, ours starts in 12 days, but for Miss Lila, the party started on November 23 when we filmed this video. For my adult years, I’ve really considered Christmas Eve as the main event. It’s largely due to the fact that my mom’s side of the fam jam is this bizarre TV Christmas Special kind of family. If you look in our windows on Christmas Eve, you’re going to spot some 35 people sitting around singing Christmas carols complete with at least two part harmony. Preach. This is where the magic of the holidays happens: the family, the togetherness, the I’d-choose-this-for-my-last-meal chicken soup we serve as a first course (which we also eat for breakfast on Christmas Day. Don’t judge).

But now that Miss Lila, our little life changer, has come onto the scene, Christmas isn’t just about an evening, or a couple of days. It’s a major life event. There are only so many moments that make up an almost-four-year-old’s life and this wondrous season is the epicentre.

I hope the holiday memories we hold so dear are the very same ones she grows up to cherish. The Kolar traditions of Christmas Eve and the Graham traditions on Christmas Day with homemade Bailey’s and luscious meals. The Bailey’s might have to wait a while…

Christmas 2013

Christmas 2013

Something I did not do as a kid was open an advent calendar, but can we just give a what what to that confectionary delight? Lila is asking for that chocolate before her eyes are open most days because I’m cool like that and let her have it in the morning. Those chocolates help us set personal bests for the whole month of December for how fast she can be dressed, scrubbed and brushed with hands outstretched for that tasty morsel. Please, if there is a January through November chocolate calendar, ship me one.

This is the first year Lila was able to design her own Christmas list and our quirky girl didn’t disappoint. She wanted a phone, a new pair of socks and slippers. Reasonable. Save for the phone. Okay, sure I’ll run to the Apple Store, small child. Hardly. Then suddenly out of the blue came a request for skates. Skates? Our wee Canadian is, to put it mildly, clumsy. We’ve avoided setting this child on skates for fear she will mess up that gorgeous little face, or break precious bones. Hey, cuts and bruises build character, but I’m talking walk into walls and trip over air kind of clumsy. But now that she’s asking for skates…game on. Daddy has made the purchase on behalf of Santa and we’re going to blow her mind. As an added bonus she’ll also receive a helmet complete with a cage and maybe one of those inflatable sumo suits lined with bubble wrap.

And naturally we stopped at one gift, yes? Um. No. She will be spoiled and I am not saying that’s the true spirit of Christmas, because it ain’t, but it doesn’t stop us from being giddy with anticipation for the big day.

I have to give it up to Kenny Rogers. He was onto something when he said Christmas is for kids. All the tireless shopping, baking, wrapping, spending, stressing, drinking wine to cope (is that just me?) is all worth it to see the sparkles shooting out of Lila’s eyes when that bedroom door swings open on Christmas morn. Yup, I said morn. I’ve got the feels, ok?


So I hope all of you have warm and fuzzy Christmases this year. Show everyone, not just the little ones, that Christmas magic abounds. Love each other. Be courteous in those heinous shopping malls. Don’t drink and drive. Give more. Be more. Be merry.


The TLC Grahams