What is this blog about? Good question. It’s not about any one thing, but about the moments, thoughts, food, people that make my life the thing of beauty that it is. I used to edit a newspaper (like on real paper that left ink stains, what?!) and my one true love back then was my column. My weekly moment to question, explain, vent and muse. My brain needed something and I fed it through written word in whatever shape that took on each week. Can I coin the term Brain Blog? Let’s be real, this is the internet…I’m not the first. Somebody google Brain Blog.

A few quick notes about me, so we can give this thing some kind of direction. I’m married to my high school sweetheart, Tylor (I know…gross and amazing all at the same time). A three-and-a-half year-old beauty queen lives in our house and calls us Mommy & Daddy. She’s the inspiration for the name of the blog. Lila. She has changed our lives profoundly. We have experienced this crazy world through her eyes and have found beauty and wonder in paper fans and bologna telescopes. It seems every day has more meaning and purpose because she breathes and lives inside it.

I started the blog because I have things to share. And any good person knows sharing is caring. Lame. Awesome. Read on and enjoy.

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